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5elements (5 elements) incense sticks set

5elements (5 elements) incense sticks set

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The 5 Elements incense sticks are prepared with sandalwood power, aromatic roots, bark, resins, herbs and natural essential oils with the help of old Ayurvedic books. These are hand-rolled incense sticks with natural ingredients. They are ideal for yoga and meditative applications. 5 packs in a box with 15g each

In the Ayurvedic system, these are the 5 elements that come from the building blocks of physical life. Everything in the universe is created from a specific ratio of the 5 elements.

When we understand the dominant elements within a person, substance, or environment, we are also able to know that influences are being exerted on the body and mind. We can then find ways to increase the opposing elements to achieve balance for the desired goals in that moment.

It is a spectrum of everything in the universe divided into 5 categories, just as light can be divided into the 7 colors of rain. The 5 elements are space (ether), wind (air), fire, water and earth, which are listed from subtle, light and intangible to heavy, dense and gross.

Space (Ether): The space element is the field that houses all manifestations. Space has no physical existence. It is the place where things come into being.

Wind (Air): Substances that are light, rough, dry and moving have a large proportion of the wind element. The essence of the wind element is power. It is responsible for the movement of all things. It exists without form.

Fire: Substances that are hot, sharp, upward moving, bright and spreading have a large part of the fire element, the fire element is the transforming principle. Fire transforms things into new things.

Water: Wet, liquid, cool, heavy and sticky substances have a high proportion of weather influences. The element water is food. It is a substance without stability.

Earth: Substances that are solid, stable and (or even) regular have a high proportion of earth elements. The earth element has stability in its essence. It is the most concrete of all elements.

The incense holder is not part of the product and can be purchased here in the shop.

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