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Satya Palo Santo (Spiritual Healing) Backflow Incense Cones

Satya Palo Santo (Spiritual Healing) Backflow Incense Cones

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Satya backflow incense cones are made from high-quality and aromatic materials and are completely vegan. They consist of various natural raw materials such as bark, seeds, resins, essential oils, roots, woods and flowers. These natural ingredients give the backflow incense cones their characteristic scent and effect. Pack contents 24 pieces

Palo Santo (holy stick):

The Latin American natives used incense to drive away evil spirits and attract good spirits. They used it to smoke specific places to rid them of bad energies. Palo Santo is also often used in aromatherapy and has the following effect.

  • Stress relief, anti-anxiety, euphoric, stimulating, increases creativity
  • energetic room cleaning, clarification
  • effective mosquito repellent

The mystical scent of this sacred wood comes from the "Bursera graveolens" tree and grows in the Latin American countryside. It belongs to the so-called balsam tree family and contains around 100 essential oils in high concentrations. The Incas used Palo Santo for shamanic rituals and in natural medicine.

In order to achieve its incomparable scent, it must go through a cycle predetermined by nature. To do this, the trees must first die naturally, which takes about 40 - 50 years. Then a natural maturation process of at least 4 years begins, during which the resin finally acquires its special scent. The scent is a mixture of sweet, woody, coniferous, coconut, incense

So if you are looking for something that contains incomparably pleasant scents with positive effects, Palo Santo could be a good choice!

The backflow incense cone burner is not part of the product and can be purchased here in the shop.

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