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Satya White Sage Backflow Incense Cones

Satya White Sage Backflow Incense Cones

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Satya backflow incense cones are made from high-quality and aromatic materials and are completely vegan. They consist of various natural raw materials such as bark, seeds, resins, essential oils, roots, woods and flowers. These natural ingredients give the backflow incense cones their characteristic scent and effect. Pack contents 24 pieces

White Sage:

  • provides protection
  • Releasing and cleansing energy from your space
  • antibacterial effect
  • energetic cleansing of people

White sage is a plant with a long history in the spiritual realm. The Romans considered sage sacred and called it the herb of immortality. The name Salvia is derived from the Latin word salvere and means to heal, preserve and care. In Latin America it is associated with protection and the fulfillment of wishes. Sage is known for its antibacterial and cleansing effects and is often used in meditation and relaxation exercises. It can increase emotional strength and help heal grief. When burned, white sage develops an aromatic, resinous, yet fresh scent.

If you are looking for energetic cleansing or spiritual support, white sage could be a good choice!

The backflow incense cone burner is not part of the product and can be purchased here in the shop.

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