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Garden Fresh Mysore Sandal (Sandalwood) Incense Sticks

Garden Fresh Mysore Sandal (Sandalwood) Incense Sticks

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Garden Fresh incense sticks are Indian hand-rolled incense sticks made from high-quality and natural materials. They consist of the finest aromatic herbs, natural resins, rare woods, flowers and natural resins. These natural ingredients give the incense sticks their characteristic scent and effect. Pack contents 15g approx. 12-15 pieces

Mysore Sandal (Sandalwood ):

  • promotes meditation
  • Nerve strengthening
  • relaxing
  • edifying

Mysore Sandal promotes creativity and empathy in a sweet, woody scented environment. This takes you on a sensual journey and allows you to enjoy the relaxing effect of sandalwood. The incense sticks conjure up an oriental flair in your living space and can induce a calm and meditative state of mind. Sandalwood is a valuable and sacred wood that relates to the purification, healing and renewal of the soul. The scent of sandalwood has a deeply healing effect on the body, mind and soul. It activates and harmonizes all energy centers and has been used in meditative practices since ancient times. Sandalwood is said to stimulate the pineal gland and pituitary gland, bring clarity and promote the connection to a higher consciousness. In Hinduism, sandalwood is associated with wealth and prosperity.

The incense holder is not part of the product and can be purchased here in the shop.

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